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Remedy Blog

Here’s where you’ll find the latest news, tips on gardening, pressing and preserving flowers. And sometimes just a journal of every day life.
Owl floral collage

Imposter Syndrome , Am I an artist?

We're so excited to launch our collection of Floral collage art. I have to let you know that this collection has been a long time coming, and it really took me a while to talk myself into putting it out there. Back when I was a wee little girl, I had an art teacher in 6th grade who asked us to pa...
Close up of a pink zinnia dahlia form in a Texas flower farm

What’s in a Name? Why Remedy?

At lease once a week we get asked, why “Remedy?” And to be honest, sometimes I kind of want to sometimes I want to scrap it and rebrand. And who knows, maybe one of these days we will. But for now at least, we are Remedy. Many moons ago, when I was still a young grasshopper, I worked a full time ...
Starting a blog, A flower farm blog! - Remedy Design Shop

Starting a blog, A flower farm blog!

Hey flower friends!  So I’ve decided to start to share a little more behind the scenes of the happenings in our art, farm and family.  To be honest, I wrote out a really long witty blog, but it accidentally got deleted so this one is going to be short and sweet. Long story short, social media giv...