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Owl floral collage

Imposter Syndrome , Am I an artist?

We're so excited to launch our collection of Floral collage art.

I have to let you know that this collection has been a long time coming, and it really took me a while to talk myself into putting it out there.

Back when I was a wee little girl, I had an art teacher in 6th grade who asked us to paint an image that depicted  what we thought "thanksgiving" meant to us.

Naturally, I drew a picture of my cousins and I throwing a football. Like you do on Thanksgiving. I know it wasn't a masterpiece, but I remember adding a lot of details and also being shy about showing off my work to the class.

Rooster collage made from real flowers

That teacher took one look at my work and literally said "that looks like a turd," referencing my football- and of course all my classmates laughed because thats what you do when anyone references "poop" in the 6th grade.

Well that was the moment that "art" became a running joke in my life. Whenever I was tasked at  visually creating anything, I immediately would let everyone know that I had zero art skills. Creating didn't feel good because I was so worried about how other people saw it.

When we launched our jewelry line, it was super scary. We got a lot of initial support that gave me the confidence to keep going but I when nature is the star of your work, its easy to brush off any credit for design. The flowers are what is beautiful, resin is just a skill I've mastered.

And yall, it still follows me. We've been selling our products for nearly a decade and I still get uncomfortable calling myself an "artist." 

Over the last decade I was lucky to get to participate in many summers of adult art camp, where I was introduced to many skills and forms of visual art. I began experimenting with flowers as a medium in other ways besides resin, and it became therapeutic.

I started making these flower collages a few years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. The pandemic was in full swing and markets were on hold, so I had the free time to make art just to make art. I started with the idea to make a few things for her nursery, but it quickly became so much more than that, It became my late night journal, my nervous outlet.

It took me a while to muster up the courage to share them. They feel so much more personal than our jewelry. I have to tell you, I still feel really nervous before I hit share on my art. 


But the response has been really positive, and I have so much gratitude for that. I really can't believe that so many people have something I made hanging on their wall . That's "pinch me" kind of insane.. I still cringe when someone calls me an artist, and I'm still not creating masterpieces, but I do hope they make you smile a little bit. 



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