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Starting a blog, A flower farm blog!

Hey flower friends! 

So I’ve decided to start to share a little more behind the scenes of the happenings in our art, farm and family. 

To be honest, I wrote out a really long witty blog, but it accidentally got deleted so this one is going to be short and sweet.

Long story short, social media gives me a lot of stress these days. I feel so much pressure to present our business as this perfect entity of happiness and sunshine, and that’s just not the

Caterpillar on a Queen Anne’s lace

Way back many moons ago, I used to keep a blog. I loved having a platform where I could share the nitty gritties of life, while forming a community and not having the pressure to post a certain number of reels per week. I’m so tired of hearing about the numbers, I don’t want our customers to be just numbers, I really want y’all to be our friends.

So here I am, 20 years after my first online blog, starting a new. I promise I won’t be sharing the same kind of content, but I DO want to let y’all in on the real, authentic, behind the scene lives that are not perfect by any means, but y’all, we’re having so much fun. I hope to share some tips on flowers, pressing, and real life things that I hope y’all will be keen to know.

For those of y’all who are new around here, this is our first year attempting to sell cut flowers for profit. 


We gave ourselves 3 years of trial growing to learn about our soil, the types of flowers we wanted to invest in, and well… how to farm. We know that there is a need for locally grown flowers in our community, for so many reasons, and now we just need to find our customers.

Mostly so far, we’ve learned that farming is not for the weak of mind or of knees. It’s tough on our 40 year old bodies. Luckily, my husband is not very easily stressed, so he’s been taking on the brunt of planting our annuals, fertilizing, researching, and watering. I have been putting my focus on planning our perennials that will hopefully come back stronger every year, but mostly I just go to the plant store every week and then try to figure out where have space for another

Honey Bee on Pink Zinnia

Also, I’ve grown really passionate about using as many natives in our garden and bouquets (and in my art) as possible. I hope that by doing so we can convince all of our friends to plant native gardens and become friends with all the buzzing creatures out there. Except for mosquitos. Mosquitos can kick rocks.

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