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All things Texas!

At our farm in Valley Mills, Texas, we specialize in growing all of your favorite native Texas flowers. We have over 70 acres, many of which have been cultivated to grow bluebonnets in the spring, wild sunflowers in the summer, and gay feathers in the fall. 

Here is our special collection of creations using those flowers! 

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  1. Texas Bluebonnet necklace
  2. Texas Bluebonnet petal teardrop earrings
  3. Texas wildflower ornament  wall art
  4. Texas Bluebonnet Petal Dangle Earrings
  5. Pressed flower Texas in glass wall art
  6. texas wildflowers coasters
  7. Texas bluebonnet suncatcher wall art
  8. Texas Bluebonnet drop necklace
  9. Texas shaped Bluebonnet Petal Dangle Earrings
  10. Texas Shaped Bluebonnet stud earrings
  11. Pressed Texas Bluebonnet circle necklace